39 CHF an hour


Content Marketing

Even the best designed website will not bring tangible benefits if its content is not regularly updated. 

Social Media support

We are a strategic social media agency focused on achieving goals.

Before starting activities in social media, we develop a strategy for our clients so that the profiles we run achieve business goals,

e.g. generate sales or build brand awareness.

Running a Google Ads campaign

Over 95% of Polish internet users use the Google search engine. They look for products, shops and services there. 

The industry does not matter: today you can even rent a forklift or a pool cleaning machine from a trusted supplier via the Internet. 

In addition to the search engine, there is the Google advertising network - websites, mobile applications and video content. All this is a potential advertising medium for Google Ads. 

If only your client uses the Internet and looks for products that you have - the advertisement will reach him.

Employer Branding

Successful recruitment is increasingly dependent on how the company is perceived by potential employees. 

Naming & Tagline

Creating a new name for a company or its product is associated with the process of analysis and creative work. 

The goal is to generate a neologism or phrase that, while fulfilling the role assigned to it, has the least limitations on the potential for use. 


Are you looking for new talents for your company?

We have developed a perfect way to quickly and accurately find the best candidates on the market for you.


You will have the full support of one of our experienced consultants throughout the process. Each of them knows the local market very well and has knowledge and experience in the sector in which you are looking for employees.


A consultant working with you will help define your recruitment needs and adapt them to the realities of the labor market. You will receive a short list of the best candidates, and during the interviews you will check which of the proposed people fits the organizational culture of your company and best meets your expectations.


We professionally recruit specialists and managers, acting both as a partner and ambassador of your employer brand. Being experienced in recruitment for many years, we use various methods of reaching and selecting employees - searching the market for the greatest talents.

  • Recruitment in banking
  • Recruitment in the digital and e-commerce industry
  • Recruitment in finance
  • Recruitment in HR
  • Recruitment in pharmacy and medical equipment
  • Recruitment in IT
  • Recruitment in purchasing and logistics
  • Recruitment in sales and marketing
  • Recruitment to legal departments "
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We test, audit and run projects

We deal with project management, watch over all stages of project implementation, manage the team and tasks. He also creates project documentation, we control the budget, we make sure that all stages of the project are completed on time.

We coordinate test processes within projects. We collect requirements and prepare cases, scenarios and test scripts

We create test plans. We organize the configuration of the test environment and resources for testing. We manage the process of registering and removing defects. We prepare reports on the test results.


The process of operation and methodology of work focused on maximum efficiency and achievement of business goals.

Effective marketing process

We successfully implement the process used by the largest global brands in companies from the SME sector.
Realization of goals in the shortest possible time with the least possible investment.